Sunday, February 3, 2013

Intermission II: The Intermissioning [End of "B" Part 1]

And now we've ended another letter of the alphabet, the next in a series of rather large collections, letter-wise. There's a lot of variance letter-to-letter, too, so we may have already crested on number of artists. That's more numbers and data than I can compare mentally without thinking, and it's not something I feel the need to put brainpower into.

Still, this time some artists were left a bit to the side when all their releases I own are singles--Brakes, who I mentioned just briefly with Bad Veins, the Black Keys who were present in all but absolute artist name in Blakroc, and Bis, who didn't really come up at all. A few off-place schedules did choke the flow off at a few inopportune moments, but I'm nearly back on track, as I'm working on my Safe as Milk entry in the background of this very entry. Rather than get my alphabet all garbled, I decided to mark the end of "B" first, though.

Naturally, I intend to figure out--at some point--how to work back through the albums currently omitted by artists that were represented, too, but I also have a few records in the mail. Some should arrive in time for their placement (if not long, long before), but others it's already too late to put in the right place. If you have any thoughts or preferences regarding how you'd like to see me approach either of those components--when to hit on I Against I, Stage Fright, and so on, or when to hit alphabetically-missed artists I don't physically possess yet--drop a comment below and let me know.

As a more amusing sort of aside, some omissions due to complete absence of stock (which I would change if I could):

  • Bash and Pop - Friday Night Is Killing Me

In the grand scheme of things, there are handfuls of albums I would buy (at a reasonable price) without thinking if I saw them on vinyl. Unfortunately, this is not only rare but non-existent. Because it was released on a major label in 1993, there was never a vinyl issue. There is a semi-rare 7", but it's just not the same. Though I'd like to track it down if I could.

  • Brazil - A Hostage and the Meaning of Life
Much like the above, this one just doesn't exist. But it's the kind of post-hardcore release in the right time frame to make the vinyl a unique sort of release--if it existed. Many great albums can be found quite readily used, if not reissued--albums that generally didn't succeed and were released in the late '90s or '00s, though, before vinyl really started taking off again and becoming semi-standard--that's a find!
  • Ryan Bingham (and the Dead Horses) - Junky Star or Roadhouse Sun
Reissued/issued at the same time as Ryan Adams's Gold, I've been tempted a few times. But they're on a comparative backburner.
  • The Black Keys - Chulahoma
Another perfectly reasonable one (still in print, or at least still easily available new), but one that has taken a backseat to more rare or unusual releases. While Thickfreakness or Brothers could be cool, Chulahoma is the one I think calls out for vinyl.
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow - Cobra Juicy
I've started to really dig Tobacco's work, as well as his previous band. The "union" of the two (wherein BMSR is actually just him) is pretty ideal, and a good album. There are some pretty variants out there, too.
  • Botch - We Are the Romans
There are worse--read: more expensive and rare--albums to desire, but Botch's stuff in general is not fun to try to collect, financially speaking. Still, it's that hardcore-relative, 2000-ish stuff. And, of course, Dave Knudson later joined Minus the Bear. There's also an amazing coloured version that works with the cover art's colour scheme quite effectively.
  • Brakes - Touchdown
It's a short but absolutely stellar album. Obviously I like 'em--see above 7".
  • Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician
I always welcome another excuse to try to convince people they need to listen to an album they will almost-guaranteed hate. Especially one this good.

No, I don't feel an overt craving for any Byrds LPs, nor Bee Gees. I'll be okay with my CDs there. Naturally, there are others I'd pick up under the right circumstances, but these are ones I kind of wish I'd had to talk about. (And yes, I own them all on CD--a sure sign of how I feel about an album to consider that kind of "double" purchase)
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