Saturday, May 18, 2013

There Is More to Come

I'm currently settling into a new job and working more hours than I have been for nearly a year, and it's cropping down a lot of my time for both record listening and writing, and much of the time I have has been spent on adjacent activities (like buying more records!) and whittling down so far that I'm left in too great a crunch to take the time I think anyone who stops to read here deserves.

Being at the spot in the alphabet I am has also not helped, as it has left me on an artist I didn't feel in the right place to write about, but with the option to sidle over to a few other options if I reconsider how I treat alphabetization of things like initalizations (that is, I could, instead of hitting Thomas Dolby, hit upon D.O.A. and get into the issue of hardcore punk again, with its very namesake release).

That said, I am about to settle into a more consistent schedule, and it will mean a plan for distinct, weekly entries on Fridays, each week.

If the time occurs, I'll slip a few more in, but look forward to Fridays for records you may know and love, some you may have heard whispers about, and others you'll question my sanity for listening to, let alone owning (perhaps).
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