About Me

Hi, I'm R.C.

If you know me much at all in reality, you already know I like music. A lot. You (probably) know I have a room solely devoted to storing and listening to my music collection. You also probably know my tastes are best-described as "eclectic," if not "eccentric." If you don't know me in reality, now you also know those things.

I've spent my adult life working in retail, often around media retail, be it nice and big-box or smaller specialty. Borders no longer exists, sadly, so I don't think anyone will be concerned with my mentioning I spent a long time working there. I was even involved in the very brief foray into vinyl sales that occurred there. I used to keep a spreadsheet of (probably-tunnel-visioned) releases available that I suggested we should carry.

I also collect movies, and used to write reviews of them just for fun. I do have another blog that I update less often, but that has more general (albeit still musical) purposes. I do also game via my PC semi-regularly, and can be found haunting Steam with great regularity.

If you ever doubt my ridiculousness about music, feel free to check out my absurd set of wishlists on Amazon (if it seems small, look to the left). If you think I need some education, there are even some books on music there.

And here is the room I listen to music in:

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