Monday, January 14, 2013

Intermission: The End of "A" (Part I)

Rather logically as I'm running in alphabetical order, we've hit the end of the "A"s (and the #s, though 86 was alone there) . What's somewhat interesting is that I covered all the artists under "A" and the numbers without an exception--my casual decision to drop in Barry Andrews's "Rossmore Road" single actually covered the ground I'd've otherwise left unmentioned. The above collage is composed of all of my records from the beginning of the alphabet, including those I did not review. You'll see a number of them with circular cover art, as many are without any "real cover art", if you will. that pink one is the At the Drive-In/Sunshine split, and most of them are actually the Analord series of EPs that Richard D. James released as AFX (nearly indiscernible, if pronounced, from his most famous pseudonym, Aphex Twin). Even the others remaining are primarily live albums (AC/DC's If You Want Blood You've Got It) and EPs (the aformentioned AFX ones, Atmosphere's The Lucy EP86's Minutes in a Day). Only a handful of albums are left, which I suppose I'll cover at a later time to avoid fatigue (on your part, dear reader, or mine) with single artists--thus this being only "Part I".

I don't really think this will happen again with another letter--certainly not with that ratio of remains being EPs and live albums--so, while I feel like marking this occasion anyway, it seems like a bit of fun in-and-of itself anyway.

Now, there is one title in there that I've not covered, nor anything else by that artist. I did just deal with a relatively short EP today, though, so I'm hoping to get into it later.

Still, it's a milestone! Hooray for milestones! And excuses to use the Picasa collage feature!
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